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Igarashi, a conceptual artist known under the pseudonym rokudenashiko (what is "not good for everything baby"), caused controversy in 2014 with her plans to create a kayak like her vagina. She launched a crowdfunding campaign to find the sums for its architecture, and then sent 3d data to her supporters by email so that you could create your personal ones. Japanese artist megumi igarashi shows small talismans in the form of a vagina in april 15, 2015. The court cleared igarashi of charges of indecent behavior due to her bright yellow kayak, but fined her 400,000 yen (3670 green for providing information in virtual form to visitors they could print their own. After the ruling, igarashi defended her case and stated that technically 3d information does not appear to be real, and therefore files are forbidden to be divided into obscene." I think that the above is not a "sexual incentive", similar to pornography, which we see in various aspects in the land of the rising sun," she said. In the land of the rising sun, the porn industry is thriving, and sex photos are easy to find, especially like a frank anime or manga. However, the uncensored distribution of images of real genitals violates the law in accordance with the country's obscenity laws." It's amazing that pornography where sex scenes are shown (where genitals are blurred) is not prosecuted according to the rules, and my work is blamed." Kayak igarashi's vagina was the centerpiece of the artist's series of works inspired by female anatomy, free brazzers porn from phone cases to the giant kawaii mascot. She created miniature dioramas, including any of the workers working in a crevice in the form of a vagina on a damaged nuclear generator in fukushima. About the personal kayak igarashi said: "i am working to turn the male information about the fact that female sex is easy to understand strictly through the prism of obscenity. I am disappointed that a similar concept was not understood by the judge."
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